Osas Destiny encontra Uchen dia 16 de junho no Clube 49 em Santos

Por Yuri Scavinski

The 16th of june holds the second edition to the “welcome to santos” show, created by osas destiny. The occasion becomes even more special with the presence of the nigerian guest uchen, author of tracks such as “uchen chegou” and “samba you”, easily found on social networks. Living in brazil for a few yaers, his lyrics often show gratitude to brazil, the country which gave him and thousands of other africans a home.

Motherland africa and her traditional daughter jamaica and beats such as dancehall, raggamuffin, popragga, black music and trap will be the leading stone to warm up the hall during the night. An international party indeed, june 2017, in santos, which will not only shake everybody’s hips, but also approach and reflect upon the political atmosphere. The main act: prosecuted africa, the continent where war and bombing never stop. Terror remains and religious prosecution is a tragic reality. Many africans left their families to escape war and ended up in brazil in search of better life standards and support for their families.

This is no wonderland, though. Brazil is still home of huge racial and social prejudice, clear in the everyday life. Still uncomparable to what africans are dealing with, sometimes residing in europoean countries in search of a chance.

The enclousure to this approach lies upon two major factors: the brazilian people can start to be proud, behaving as citizen within a nation which is welcoming to immigrants, a somewhat rare and authentic quality for a nation these days. The second factor is the chance of reflecting harder on the idea of respect between reiligious differences. Not every african migrates to brazil in order to escape a commited crime in their country. Their are simply here as war zone refugees or escaping religious prosecution, trying to survive here just like the next low income brazilian citizen. A hard and laborous life, but without terror brought upon african families and citizens.

The 16th of june 2017 is a special day in santos, full of pop african music at clube 49, right at the historical center of the city. The idea is to celebrate nigerian music, traditional and international culture in the biggest harbor in latin america. Raggamuffin in the city of surf, skate and now reflection. “One love” from santos to brazil and the world.


The Riddim “world a music” was used by many singers in the Jamaican reggae scene from the 80’s until nowadays. Its producer was King Jammy, born in the 26th of October, 1947, in Montenegro Bay, Jamaica.

Dennis Brown in .., Damian Marley in … Ini Kamoze and many other artists also made their tunes with this classic riddim.

Now in 2017, the Nigerian Osas Destiny, in “welcome to Santos”, expresses his resistence, in hommage the city which took him in for bringing Ragamuffin, which spiced up many Charlie Brown Jr’s performances around Santos and Brazil.

“Welcome to Santos” has lyrics written by Osas himself with mixing and caption by Osmar Rabelo a.k.a CUCO with the “World a Music” riddim.

YOUTUBE: WELCOM TO SANTOS https://youtu.be/dlN1cAkYpaU
YOUTUBE: WORLD WILD ABOUT ME https://youtu.be/6q5OaSwtq1Y
YOUTUBE: TWO CAPTAINS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-1a0ZTpXQk
CLUB49 – BRAZIL https://youtu.be/dK2J0m-mrRs
VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/205051846
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/osas-destiny-onaiwu


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